New Safety Banners

New Safety Banners

To complete a successful construction project it is critical to not disrupt the existing environment. Our client is always first, and construction is second. We take this responsibility seriously, and have successfully co-existed on numerous projects by anticipating, recognizing and mitigating safety risks with our focus on safety, and no incidents. Parkway’s “Target Zero” safety program aims for zero incidents on our job sites, with the philosophy that taking steps to avoid any safety incident will prevent accidents every day.

Our approach includes a Safety Committee at the corporate office who manage policies, all safety documentation, reports, corrective actions and compliance. They also work under the direction of company leadership to put initiatives in place to ensure the safety of all Parkway employees, subcontractors, vendors and others who are at the job sites. This safety program is a continuous improvement process with a focus on upstream risk avoidance, and the activities which produce risk.

All project managers and superintendents are OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 certified, and superintendents are expected to lead a weekly on-site safety meeting. In addition, superintendents are expected to submit weekly safety reports, and project managers conduct safety audits monthly, documented with a written safety report.

We screen all our subcontractors, review their insurance / claim history and expect our subcontractors to meet their contractual obligations of performing safe work, and to promote a culture within their own organization that aligns with Parkway’s focus on safety – executing work safely at every project, every day. Those subcontractors that don’t meet our safety standards are not qualified for Parkway projects.