Chuck E Cheese, Parkway Partnership Featured in Blueprint Magazine

Chuck E Cheese, Parkway Partnership Featured in Blueprint Magazine

Blueprint Magazine published a feature on how Justin Lee, senior director of construction and facilities for CEC Entertainment, is managing a nationwide remodel program with finesse. More than 450 Chuck E. Cheese restaurants are undergoing extensive rebranding and remodeling to improve customer experience and carry on its 45-year legacy of quality family entertainment.

To accomplish its goal of remodeling 30 restaurants per quarter, Chuck E. Cheese leveraged its decades-long relationship with Parkway to serve as the sole contractor for the program.

“We have a 35-year relationship with them,’ Lee says in the article. ‘Not only is it sometimes simpler to be working with one contractor, there’s trust and transparency and reliability.”

Trusted Ally, Long-Term Partnership

The storied relationship between Parkway and Chuck E. Cheese is a tale of two companies, collaborating and growing together, that dates back to 1983. In short, Irving, Texas-based Chuck E. Cheese has experienced tremendous growth, numerous rebrandings, and multiple ownership changes all with Parkway by their side. Parkway has touched every U.S. Chuck E. Cheese location, with the exception of Hawaii, in some way –as a ground-up build, remodel, renovation, expansion, or finish out. 

In 2018, Parkway became the entertainment and restaurant chain’s exclusive contractor, performing all design-build and integrated delivery services nationwide. In fully outsourcing every aspect of their construction and design, CEC asked Parkway to handle all procurement, design, architecture, construction, and due diligence for each location. 

CEC is undergoing a full nationwide brand refresh and remodel, for which Parkway tailor-made a program that forecasts 450+ locations will be completed in just three years. 

Read the article at: Justin Lee – CEC Entertainment: The parties rock on with Chuck E. Cheese re-imagined.