Chuck E. Cheese’s

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Project Description

The Beginning:  Parkway’s relationship with Chuck E. Cheese’s (CEC) began in 1989, when Parkway started remodeling various CEC concepts, including, ShowBiz Pizza, Chuck E. Cheese’s and Monterey House. Deciding it was necessary to create a single, stronger identity for marketing, Dick Frank, CEO, moved to unite his two pizza chains under the Chuck E. Cheese’s name. Within two years, Parkway had converted many of the ShowBiz restaurants to Chuck E. Cheese’s and became CEC’s primary construction source.

The Expansion: As CEC completed its conversion of ShowBiz restaurants to Chuck E. Cheese’s, they began expanding nationwide, adding 20-30 new locations a year. In 1996, they began to remodel all of its 244 company owned-restaurants which solidified a turnaround for Chuck E. Cheese’s. That year, CEC outsourced all its construction needs to Parkway instead of building a large internal staff. Dick Frank sensed “a significant duplication in management cost that could be eliminated at a time they really did not have the money to spend.”

The Partnership: For more than 25 years, Parkway has been fortunate to participate in one of the greatest restaurant stories in the United States. Based on a mutual relationship of trust and performance, CEC outsourced to Parkway its construction, permit handling, pre-construction services, nationwide construction, game enhancements, expansions and remodels. In all, Parkway has built or expanded about 600 stores and completed close to 1,800 remodels. Mike Magusiak, President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, “We are fortunate to have a construction partner that performs high quality work, charges a competitive price and has a high level of integrity.” Parkway has built Chuck E. Cheese’s in 48 states.