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Chuy’s Tex-Mex restaurant was founded in 1982 in Austin, Texas. Over the next 25 years, the restaurant gradually expanded to eight locations, all in Texas. In 2007, Chuy’s was poised for a new era of accelerated growth, with an objective to expand nationally and become a publicly traded company.

Through a series of fortunate networking opportunities, Parkway met Chuy’s at just the right time, and this meeting initiated a new partnership. Within months, Parkway completed its first Chuy’s project – the Arbor Trails location in Austin – and then introduced the concept of design build for future development. Chuy’s embraced the approach and Parkway has since designed and built nearly 60 Chuy’s restaurants across 14 states. Along the way, Chuy’s accomplished its goal to go public in 2012.

“Parkway is a key player on our development team,” says Don McKechnie, Chuy’s Director of Real Estate and Construction. “We trust Parkway as our single source for architecture and construction, and their design build process is instrumental in helping us achieve our growth objectives.”

For Chuy’s projects, Parkway has a dedicated design build team comprised of in-house architects and construction professionals. “Our construction management services are woven into this process for a seamless transition from the design phase to the construction phase,” says Vaughan Hancock, Parkway’s Chief Operating Officer. “Using 3D modeling, our architects help the Chuy’s team see what each new restaurant will look like and accurately estimate the cost.”

Leveraging the benefits of a long-term partnership and proven internal processes, Parkway’s approach drives efficiency and lowers costs for Chuy’s, solidifying a successful relationship.

Design Build: Chuys Phase 1

Architectural rendering, Dayton, OH

Design Build: Chuys Phase 2

Progress photo, Dayton, OH

Design Build: Chuys Phase 3

Completed project, Dayton, OH